Sports Charities UK Jobs

In other articles, we have written a lot about the UK and its relation to sports, especially football, as well as to charities. So there is no surprise that there are some appealing job opportunities regarding charities in the UK. Read this article to learn more about the most interesting ones that we have found.

Head of Sport

The job description of a Head of Sport requires the candidate to be a good people manager who knows how to motivate their team, an effective communicator skillful at influencing their audience, and an outstanding project manager who can manage financials and meet deadlines.

The responsibilities of the Head of Sport include leading a development strategy, encouraging young people to participate in sports activities, and creating positive outcomes. The successful applicant would also be involved with coaching, competitions, clubs, and volunteering. He/she would be expected to be a good team player and to collaborate with partner agencies and stakeholders.

In return, the Head of Sport would get the opportunity to join a dynamic charity organization that is passionate about inspiring young people and improving their lives. He/she would also have the chance to be directly involved with the leadership and management of the organization.

Social Action Project Coordinator

This job offer is even more appealing than the first one, as it is the Liverpool Football Club Foundation that offers the job.  The requirements for the successful candidate are: to have the experience of working with youngsters, to be able to create curriculum materials and to inspire young people to make a difference. Of course, he/she would be expected to be empathetic and pro-active, as well as collaborative.

The responsibilities of the successful applicant would be to help students to develop their life skills and improve their communities; to provide social training for teachers; to build lasting relations with teachers and the local community; to record data on LFC Foundation’s database.

The Social Action Project Coordinator will have the opportunity to work for an organization committed to equality and diversity. He/she will also have the unique chance to work for the official charity of Liverpool Football Club.

Sessional Play Worker

The job description says that the successful candidate would be expected to be first of all empathetic to children and young people with disabilities and passionate about working with them. It will be an asset if the applicant has had some experience of supporting children and young people with disabilities. It is essential to have very well-developed communication skills and not to be judgemental.

The Sessional Play Worker would be required to help children with disabilities to enhance their life opportunities through a set of play activities. Such activities could be sports, dance, and group games.

The successful candidate will have continuing opportunities for learning and development under regular supervision. Of course, he/she can also rely on support at any given point. He would have the unique chance of being part of an organization committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of children.

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